Smart Investor

I led one of Barclays’ largest development projects to develop an online investment platform the mass market. With low interest rates and difficult to access financial advice, Smart Investor is designed to combine behavioural economics with simple design and language to open up investing to everyone.



One of the key innovations in Smart Investor is the LifePlanner tool. This allows people to associate goals to their savings and plan for the mid to long term in their savings and investments. The interactive, scrollable pages allow for different scenarios and views to encourage sustained saving.


Pension Dashboard

On average we will have 11 pensions at the end of our working life and will probably have lost 4 of them. The Pension Dashboard is a cross industry platform to share data on pensions and allow individuals locate all their pensions to help plan for later life.

The project started with workshops between the Cabinet Office and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which I ran at Barclays whilst exploring uses for secure digital identity. The prototype was so well received that we showed the industry who rapidly embraced the idea and developed the platform and shared user experience template, ensuring pension data was easy to understand. Some glitches with Government legislation but hopefully this will be live in 2020. pension dashboard video