For over three decades I have led innovation teams designing human centred solutions for the modern world.

From experience with some of the world’s best creative teams, I lead digital and innovation projects for business, public sector and government organisations. Through discovering real human need and context, collaborating across organisations and co-creating with people, we can together create solutions that deliver impact and transformation.

Click below to watch recent talks on design I have given at the RSA, design agency Adaptive Lab (now Idean) and Barclays

“Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere.” 

Bill Moggridge

Design is a set of ideas that help us think about what shape we want the word to be. Design is something that we can't avoid, it's all around us as decisons that are made about the objects, information and spaces we live in. When design is done conciously and well, it makes life easy and we see beauty. When design is done without care, or too late, we get an unusable, akward and frustrating world which we find ugly.

"Clive Grinyer has been a passionate advocate for the transformational potential of design for some three decades. Today’s focus on the value of digital product design and on design’s value in leading customer experience in the UK is, in large part, due to his work."

— Creative Review, Creative Leaders 50, September 2018

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design consultancy

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For cities and citizens, users and consumers, employees and customers, we can design better experiences, use technology more wisely and beautifully and ensure access to all.

Building on a career heading design teams for Barclays, Samsung, Orange and Cisco, technology startups and design agencies IDEO and Tangerine (co-founded with Martin Darbyshire and Jonathan Ive), I bring design thinking to the heart of organisations. Finding the epiphanies in customer insight, analysing problems and opportunities and bringing creative techniques to co-create, collaborate and inspire all find innovative new solutions. Design transforms people and organisations and delivers real impact and change.

Consultancy Services

I work with extraordinary people inside and outside of brilliant organisations to embed human centred design thinking. If you would like to talk about how design might help your organisation, contact me at

RCA Msster Class, Singapore Sept 2018

RCA Msster Class, Singapore Sept 2018

Service Design

Designing innovative new services and improving your customer’s experience requires insight into your user, your own people and the systems they work with. With the best research, the ability to turn insight into creative opportunities and the knowledge of commercial and operational reality, you can create the blueprint to transformation and successful customer engagement.

Providing full service service design consultancy with access to brilliant researchers, digital and omnichannel expertise and creativity, I create the right teams to deliver transformational results.

Barclays Design Methodology

Barclays Design Methodology

Design Strategy

I help organisations think strategically and use design to shape how you co create and collaborate, build great innovation, technology and digital teams and change the culture inside your organisation to focus on customer experience and impact.

Global Informtics Forum, Kuwait, November 2018

Global Informtics Forum, Kuwait, November 2018


I aim to bring innovation and design thinking to life to audiences around the world. I speak at conferences and directly to management teams, providing coaching and training programmes tailored to suit.


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Service Design at Barclays

I set up the service design team within Barclays UK Retail Customers. The team drew on customer data and insight and used design methods to create solutions that delivered transformation change for both areas of high customer complaints and the development of new services and propositions.

Fusion Threat Intelligence

Fusion Threat Intelligence

Digital Design at Barclays

The Design Office was set up to develop digital innovation and I ran a number of projects including Smart Investor, Artificial Intelligence and Fusion Threat Intelligence. This took data around e-crime and service attacks from hackers around the world presented it in terms of business and organisation l impact for senior managers.


Innovation design at Cisco

As part of Cisco Consultancy, I developed solutions to business and customer experience problems for their largest clients. The John Lewis StyleMe fashion mirror created a physical and digital experience for store shoppers to explore the full online store with 3D cameras projecting the clothes on to the customer’s image on screen.


“It’s 2019 and a new start as I take on a raft of new projects. Not a great one for New Year Resolutions but looking forward to starting a new book which picks up where I left of from “Smart Products” back in 2003 and exposes how digital, service and experiential design works through a series of interviews with leading practitioners.”


RCA Master Class

In November I travelled to Singapore to give a 2 day MasterClass in Service Design to an enthusiastic and knowledgable audience of corporate and government senior managers. We are able to bring service design to life with examples from Barclays to the UK Policy Lab. Taking their big challenges, we worked to generate innovative and practical solutions to take back to their colleagues.