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Download here the presentation I gave in July 2010 to a NESTA workshop about our project using video with older people in the city of Almere.

Ageing Well NESTA Presentation

Recent presentations


I was recently asked to describe what I meant by "the design toolbox", which I use as a term to describe the elements of design that are unique and helpful to the creation of the world around us.

This presentation is a simple set of slides describing the basic elements of design, as I see them and use them everyday, whether designing a product, user interface, service or experience. They are the elements that include methods, skills and ways of thinking that I believe are transferable to almost any situation. They can be used by anyone, designer or not, and used to improve the way we create things, of whatever kind, to fit the people they are actually intended for. 

The points are very basic and not explored in depth, but I hope they are useful as a starting point and help people identify what value design based thinking brings to conventional management skills.

download the design toolbox


download "the silence of design" here

"The Silence of Design" was presented at the Intersections07 conference in Newcastle, which was part of the Dott (Design of the Times) initiative, sponsored by the Design Council and others, to showcase the changing and far reaching influence of design thinking on all aspects of life.
The presentation is a brand new one and explores the gulf between the experiences that most people have and the activities of designers. The issue I wanted to explore is that designers are only effective when invited to design. This means that most of the world, although improved by the efforts of designers, is still largely unaffected by design. It is my call for designers to move out of the comfort of their studios and proactively take on issues, in business and public services. Just as the technology community form web services through engagement with beta sites and developing technologies.


download "lipstick on a pig" .pdf

download "lipstick on a pig 2.0"

Pecha Kucha

London Design Festival

"Lipstick on a Pig" was first given to an invited audience at Framfab (now LBI) design consultants in April 2006. Since then I have been presenting it to  innovation, technology and design conferences across Europe.

 Lipstick on a Pig 2.0 is an updated version which focuses on people and attempts to summarise what I believe are the basic take aways and "do tomorrow"s of design thinking.


The original presentation shows how design process is poorly used in innovation and technology development. It is commonly bought in too late, when many decisions that will impact on the customer experience have already been made, with the result described in the title of the presentation. I go on to show some of the core attributes of design thinking, user insight, concept creation, creativity, moving the horizons, foresight and back down to earth with implementation and how to hold the vision.


The presentation is a pdf of the handout so you get a shortened version of the words which accompany the images.

You can see a fast version, for the Brunel Degree Pecha Kucha, or my presentation to idesign during the London Design festival at the links above.  


You can see photos of the event at Framfab (now LBI) at