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Director, Customer Experience, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)

At Cisco's strategic advisory service I develop thought leadership on customer experience, social and technology trends for Cisco's major business and public service clients. Direct engagements have included development of web services for financial services, technology solutions for Shanghai World Expo 2010 and employment and business development services for Arab countries.

Director – Customer Experience and Design, Orange France Telecom March 2003 to May 2008

Orange Global Product GroupDirector of Customer Experience and developed a Design and Usability team to create unique Orange handsets and interfaces and bring a design methodology to service design. I built a team to co-ordinate customer experience design across all Orange countries and delivered the Orange World portal, the Orange Homescreen user interface and the converged Orange single web look and feel.

Transferring to Paris in 2006, I directed design at the ExploCentre innovation center, returning to London in May 2007 to a new role as Director of Product Design, developing mobile and non mobile products.

I have been worked with some great designers to explore an Orange design language across mobile and web products. Sam Hecht has been working with me on web products and Morten Warren at Native on mobile handsets. The results will be launched in 2008

Director - Design and Innovation, Design Council. 2001 to 2003.

The UK national authority on design, I communicated the benefits of design to business and government.  I developed the Council's knowledge of design, innovation and sustainability as the basis for a new web site and set up a series of projects bringing designers into UK manufacturing and technology companies. This project is now called Designing Demand and has been rolled out across the whole UK.

Head of Product Design, TAG McLaren Audio. 1999 to 2001.

This new company was set up to exploit TAG Heuer and the Mclaren F1 team through high performance products. I designed the range of products from initial concept "teasers" to the Avant- range of music systems and formidable F1 speakers.

Head of European Product Design, Fitch Design Plc. 1998 to 99.

I created a new European product design team for design consultancy Fitch. I created the concept "Brandware" as a holistic approach to the design of soft and hardware in creating unique brand values and design languages.

European Design Director, Samsung Electronics, London. Palo Alto 1994 to 1998. 
Having set up a US design office for Samsung in Palo Alto, California I was invited to return to Europe and set up the European Design Centre in London, recruiting an international team designing hardware and user interface for Samsung’s portfolio of consumer electronics goods.

The team won awards from the Industrial Design Society of America, German iF organisations, and made the front cover of Business Week.

Founder, tangerine, London. 1989 to 1994.

I founded the product design consultancy tangerine in 1989 with Jonathan Ive and Martin Darbyshire. In five years it became a major award winning international design consultancy. The company grew from a local client base to one working on a number of high profile projects for Apple, Ford and LG. Tangerine have become one of Britain’s foremost consultancies, known for innovative work such as the British Airways flat bed.