thinking design



I agree with Bill Moggridge, there is little that is not touched by the design process and I work to ensure that the world gets designed to work, easily and beautifully, with design thinking providing emotional and functional delight.


Initially a product designer with design consultancies in London and San Francisco, my career has led me from physical product design into user interface and the full customer experience, via design consultancies, corporate management and national design organisations.


I now lead a Service Design team at Barclays, where we use a variety of design processes to deliver improvements in customer experience for Barclays customers. 


Prior to Barclays I worked with Cisco on technology innovation projects for their clients in retail, financial services and the public sector. I worked with Orange France Telecom in London and Paris, as Director of Customer Experience and then Design, setting up the Design and Usability team, working at the ExploCentre innovation centre in Paris and returning to London to lead the design of the next generation of mobile and wireless products.




I have held senior design management roles, working for IDEO in the US and UK, was European head of product design for Fitch and was a founder of design company Tangerine with Martin Darbyshire, Peter Philips and Jonathan Ive (now Sir Jony Ive and head of design at Apple).


As Director of Design for Samsung I set up the European design team in London, and was head of design for TAG McLaren Audio, a collaboration of the watch and Formula 1 racing brands. I went on to be Director of Design at the Design Council, creating the Design Demonstration projects with UK manufacturing and technology companies.


I am a passionate advocate for design and design thinking, write and speak at conferences on design innovation and technology. I am a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art (, was a trustee of the Royal Society of Arts ( between 2010 - 2016, cross party parliamentary group Policy Connect (, local music charity Merton Music Foundation ( and am visiting professor at Glasgow School of Art ( In 2001 Rotovision published my book "Smart Design".